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“Ropp Clinic humbly shares with you
how we helped 6-year old Christ Thiobino
from Burkina Faso West Africa get his new legs.”


Christ was born with caudal regression syndrome, a rare birth defect in which the fetal development of the lower spine is abnormal, and became a bilateral amputee in 2018. 


The Children’s Medical Missions West, CMMWest.com, an Ohio-based nonprofit Christian organization connected Christ and Ropp Orthopedic Clinic together helping Christ get new prosthetic legs and feet.


Christ arrived in the United States in October 2020. After two weeks of quarantining with his host family in Ann Arbor, on November 16 he came to Ropp Orthopedic to meet with Jeff Ropp and Kelsey Holden.


The Ropp team cast his legs and created test sockets for the correct fitting and alignment of Christ’s prosthesis.


By mid-December, Christ was on walking with his new pair of legs.


Christ, testing out his new prosthetic legs.

Christ’s new prosthesis and
one of the pairs of new shoes he picked out.
Ropp clinic is proud to have partnered with six industry manufacturers who donated many of the mechanical parts needed for Christ’s prosthetics for a total donation of over $50,000.


Christ and Stella showing off their walkers.

Christ also was happy to meet with a fellow young amputee and Ropp long-time patient Stella Dibler-DeMare, 8, who donated a rolling walker to him.

For detailed media coverage of Christ getting his new prosthesis, please take a look at the links below:





We are proud to share with you, Christ is back in Burkina Faso West Africa with his family and is doing great with his new legs.


We look forward to helping him again in the future.